Five Easy To Grow Aquatic Water Plants Indoor

Creating aquatic Water Plants Indoor garden might be a wonderful idea if you’re seeking new ways to flaunt your plants. When it comes to houseplants and indoor herb gardens, growing plants in water is a fantastic option for individuals new to gardening (even kids! ). 

plant in water jar

Photo by Teona Swift from Pexels

Growing aquatic water plants indoors is great for beginners and expert gardeners alike. If you have a small amount of space or simply don’t like the idea of dirtying their hands. You can grow Low-maintenance and disease-resistant plants. Taking care of aquatic indoor plants has never been easier, and you’ll never have to worry about over-or under-watering again!

Water is a popular medium for the propagation of many plants. Rooting houseplants in containers such as bottles or jars is an option for some.

You may use clippings from existing houseplants in bottles to create an indoor water garden, as well as a few growing plants on a kitchen window sill.

If you are willing to keep houseplants that grow without soil, then you have landed at the right place! Here are some interesting aquatic water plants indoors.

Containers To Grow Aquatic Water Plants Indoor

There is no limit to the number of containers in which water plants can be grown. However, it is advisable to use glass containers with narrow necks to hold and maintain the plant. It is possible to view the roots and monitor water levels in glass containers”. 

Fishbowls, repurposed bottles, glasses, jars, and slender test tubes can all be utilized to grow aquatic water plants indoors.

Easy To Grow  Aquatic Water Plants Indoor

Choosing the right aquatic water plants indoors is often easier said than done. There are lots of options available that can fit almost any style.

Philodendron- Beautiful Aquatic Water Plants Indoor

Growing Philodendron in Water is the finest way to savor the beauty of the trailing vines in elegant, clear jars and vases. You can also use these aquatic water plants indoor as a tabletop centerpiece this way! The heart-leaf philodendron is a great plant for growing in water. In a water vase, this vining plant grows quickly.


Photo by Kulbir from Pexels

Care tips

Cut a six-inch (15-cm) long stem with three or four heart-shaped leaves. Plant these aquatic water plants indoor in water and place them in a bright, indirect sunlight position. 

Further, Change the water every four days to ensure good philodendron development in water. Roots will begin to sprout soon. 

After the plant has been established in water, replace the water every six weeks and fertilize as needed.

Place the plant in indirect sunlight.  Several yellowing leaves indicate too much light for the plant. It gets too much light if the stems are tall and leggy with large leaf gaps.

Aglaonema- Colourful Aquatic Water Plants Indoor

Chinese evergreen plants can grow in water because they are easy to root. What makes Chinese evergreen plants good for growing in water is the thick central stem that makes them strong. These aquatic water plants indoors can be grown in a bottle or a water vase with a small opening.


Care Tips

Cut a stem out of the root ball and get rid of all the dirt. Decorate the base of the vase with three inches of pebbles, gravel, or sand to make it look nicer. “Plant” your new water plant inside.

In general, Feed your aglaonema with houseplant fertilizer diluted to half strength every four months or so. This aquatic water plant’s indoor plant likes the heat, so make sure to place it in a warm spot.

These are appropriate plants for your low, medium, or bright light space in your homes. These plants give a splash of greenery and thrive in spots that other houseplants will struggle with.

These aquatic water plants indoors won’t survive in no light conditions.

Pothos- Most Common Aquatic Water Plants Indoor

Pothos plants grow easily in a jar of water. Like philodendrons, they feature heart-shaped leaves and vining growth. Several pothos look amazing growing in water. The variegated pothos water plants with golden yellow and green colors are the most beautiful. 

Pothos plant in water

Photo by Mahdi Dastmard on Unsplash

Care Tips

Snip a six-inch section of the stem right below a node to grow these aquatic water plants indoors in water. Fill a dark-colored glass bottle or vase halfway with water.

To promote rapid development, place in partial shade. Your water plant will soon grow gorgeous cascading leaves and stems.

You should change the water regularly and rinse out the jar/glass you have your Pothos growing in. It prevents the water from becoming stagnant and foul.If there is any algae buildup around this aquatic water plant indoor, clean the sides of the container.

Moreover, Pothos grow rapidly and may begin to grow rather long. Simply cut the tips off and root them in water. Soon, your Plants will be growing dense and lush in whatever container you use.

Lucky Bamboo- Elegant Aquatic Water Plants Indoor

The lucky bamboo plant is one of the most popular aquatic water plants indoors. The water plant, also known as Chinese water bamboo, will grow in a shallow dish filled with stones and enough water to cover the plant’s roots. The advantage of planting lucky bamboo is that the cane-like stems can be shaped to your liking. When growing a single stalk in a narrow water vase, you may create an eye-catching feature in your indoor water garden by grouping many stalks.

Lucky Bamboo plant in water

Photo by Vipin Rajbher on Unsplash

Care Tips

Filling the water in a water garden with filtered or unchlorinated water will help to keep the plants alive and flourishing. 

Clean the container every few months and provide fresh water once a week to prevent algae from forming.

You can add a few drops of liquid fertilizer once in a while can help promote growth. 

These aquatic water plants indoors thrive well in bright but indirect sunlight. But overexposing it to the sunlight can mean a great deal of trouble for the lucky bamboo plant

Wandering Jew- Quirky Aquatic Water Plants Indoor

These aquatic water plants indoors have attractive foliage and grow well in water. These Tradescantia species root super fast in the water and grow rapidly in a water garden. Notably, You can create colorful cascading foliage by placing many Wandering Jew plants in a big container.

Wandering Jew in water

Photo by Naeem shahrizadegan on Unsplash

Care Tips

To create a magnificent, colorful focal point, select purple Tradescantia or striped Wandering Jew. You can carry on to grow this trailing hanging plant in water or transfer it to a hanging basket.

These aquatic water plants’ indoor plants are pretty picky about getting the correct amount of light. While They require a lot of light to maintain their bright color, direct sunlight will burn their leaves.

The ideal location for a wandering jew plant indoors would be an east or west-facing window. It loves humidity; otherwise, leaves will turn brown. Whenever humidity is lower, you can place it near the humidifier.

Wandering jew plants don’t need to be fertilized, but of course, they will benefit from being fed once and a while.

These aquatic water plants indoors will tolerate heavy pruning, and it’s best to make pruning a part of your regular wandering jew plant care schedule.


One of the most obvious benefits of having aquatic water plants indoors inside your home is their beauty. There are many ways to put these babies inside the house; whether you want a single container like a “pothos” or a more permanent indoor pond structure.No matter how you put aquatic water plants indoors, they will make your space nicer. Moreover, The sight of greens is more than a welcome one, but adding water into the view makes the whole scene even more beautiful. Altogether, You can grow these aquatic water plants indoors in clear vases and jars to use as a centerpiece!

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