7 Incredible Benefits of Growing Plants in Clay Pots

If you are someone who loves gardening whether it’s indoors or outdoors or like growing flowers or vegetables choosing a pot is a constant dilemma. The confusion lies among a wide variety of plastic, ceramic, and clay pots. Your choice of the pot is important. It has an impact on the look, cost, plant and soil health, and watering requirements.  Are you also always wondering what pot to use? Many gardeners have their preference of pots on the other hand some don’t have a firm opinion on the type of pot. Are you one of them? Ever thought of using those red clay pots? You may also have heard about the Benefits Of Growing Plants In Clay Pots.

Growing plants in clay pots

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Whether you are confused or searching for the best option of pot or ever thought about using clay pot then this article is for you. Technically, Any container that can hold soil can use them as a pot but most gardeners tend to develop preferences and sometimes strong opinions. Clay pots are a common favourite as there are several benefits of using clay pots. Whichever type of pot is your favourite, read this article and you will be convinced how magical those cute-looking clay pots are.

We have done extensive research and this article will give you a glimpse of the benefits of using a clay pot for gardening.

Ditch Plastic Pot And Harness Benefits of Growing plants in Clay pots

  beauty of clay pots plastic pots

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Plastics lack wicking action so they are not all suitable for moisture-loving plants. While the clay is porous allowing both absorbance and dissipation of moisture and heat and thus excellent for moisture-loving plants.

Plastics have thinner walls thus don’t provide better insulation than thicker clay pots. Black plastic even can absorb heat well heating up the potting medium to plant damaging levels.

Sunlight is often hard on plastic pots resulting in fading and brittleness while clay counterparts can protect themselves pretty well.

Environmental And Health Benefits of Growing plants in Clay pots


Porous Nature Gives Aeration

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If you are one of them who always kills plants with overwatering then clay pots are for rescue.

As clay pots are made from natural materials they are porous. It allows both air and water to pass through it thus preventing death from overwatering.

It ensures the flow of enough oxygen. One of the other major benefits of using a clay pot is that it can also absorb moisture.

Clay pot ensures that plants get enough aeration and lose extra moisture thus best for the physiological needs of any kind of plant.

Thickness Assure Insulation

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Clay pots generally have thick walls which not only give stability but provide great insulation.

Clay pots can absorb the heat of the sun and release extra heat in form of water vapour thus preventing damage from rapid temperature changes.

Maintaining soil temperature to tailor your plant’s environment is one of the crucial life-saving benefits of using a clay pot.

Ecologically Viable And Biodegradable Nature

Ecologically Viable And Biodegradable clay pots

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Clay pots are sturdy and heavier but on the downside even if it topples, it breaks into many pieces. You cannot repair them. But you don’t need to throw away just them as filler in other pots that will help in drainage without any negative impact on soil and plant health.

You can also create a customized piece of art in your garden. Even if you choose to throw them away they will decompose easily without leaving any footprint.

The ecological soundness of clay pots is one of the crucial benefits of using clay pots in today’s climate change era.

Economic Benefits of Growing Plants in Clay Pots

Economic Benefits Of Using Clay Pots

Photo by Tope A. Asokere from Pexels

Large customized fancy pots are often expensive while clay pots are usually affordable enough to suit any budget. As clay pots are manufactured from natural clay sources and don’t need sophisticated machinery they tend to be cheaper.

So one of the major benefits of using a clay pot is creating the garden of your dreams without worrying much about price.

The cherry on the top is you can even get reused clay pots that give a nice vintage look and are even cheaper.

Aesthetic Benefits of Growing Plants in Clay Pots

Aesthetic Benefits Of Using Clay Pots

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A natural reddish-brown tinge colour of clay pot goes with everything. The shade slightly differs according to the type of soil coil and baking process. The hues give a natural look effortlessly.

Another major benefit of using a clay pot is that even when they age with time it will transform into an attractive art piece.

Whether it’s a thin white crust deposit or green moss has grown on clay then it becomes visually more radiant and delightful.

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Other Benefits of Growing Plants in Clay Pots

 Perfect For Rooting Cuttings

Clay pots for rooting cuttings

Picture on pexel by      Karolina Grabowska  

Gardeners often struggle with rooting in cuttings. Once again, the breathable nature of clay pots allows for cuttings to root better. To utilize this benefit of using a clay pot Be sure to keep your pots in a semi-dry area, though, as they may grow mould if they are too wet for too long. If you still get these moulds don’t worry they will not likely affect plants inside.

Variety Of Shapes And Sizes

Clay pots are multipurpose in different parts of the world. They are available in so many different sizes and shapes. You could get the tiniest pot that could hold a single flower, to large tub-sized pots, clay pots can be useful both indoors and outdoors.

Variety Of Shapes And Sizes of Clay pots

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Cons Of Clay Pots

Over a while, Clay pots develop white thin-crust or growth of moss that might disgust some gardeners.

It’s difficult to get extra holes in the bottom. If you try to cut or get holes it might crack a whole pot.

The heavier weight of clay pots makes it difficult to move around indoors and outdoors.

Rusty reddish-brown colour can be a turnoff to some gardeners who love colourful designs. Although painting is always there as an option.

Clay pots shatter easily. Once it smashes the game is over.

cracked clay pots

 Picture from Priscilla Du Preez from Unsplash


If you are trying to find an economical and stylish way of growing indoor and outdoor plants then you can never go wrong with the Benefits of using clay pots. The clay pot is great for colder climates. The walls of the pots draw the water out of the soil to help the soil dry quicker. The charming reddish-brown natural colour and porous material are ideal for nearly any space and any plant. You can even create different looks by painting and decorating them.

As nothing is perfect, clay pots come with their own set of consequences. On the positive side, these drawbacks are not enough to overpower the tremendous benefits of using clay pots.

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