Bring Good Luck And Prosperity With Bamboo Plant Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, bamboo plants are lucky and auspicious. Bamboo plant Vastu is said to bring good luck, money, and fortune. Bamboo plants have been adapted over time to be kept as houseplants. 

Bamboo Plant

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These plants are now available in a wide range of sizes and variations, from small’ friendship plants’ made up of bamboo logs tied together with a red ribbon and placed in a glass vase with stones, pebbles, and giant water plants with long stems and thick leaves.

Lucky bamboo plants are available in gift shops and nurseries. Here we look at bamboo plants, their benefits, and where to put them in the house.

Why Is The Bamboo Plant Vastu Lucky?

According to Feng Shui, bamboo plants are lucky ones. According to Feng Shui, the plant’s hollow structure enhances Chi’s energy movement. For centuries, the bamboo plant Vastu has been credited with bringing prosperity and abundance to those who cultivate it. 

  • Bamboo plants grow rapidly in an upward direction. It signifies growth and prosperity in a person’s life.
  • The growth rate of the bamboo plant is very high, which signifies the rapid growth of wealth in one’s life.
  • Diseases and infections rarely affect bamboo plants. It signifies good health and resistance to diseases.
  • Bamboo plant Vastu can easily tolerate strong wind and storms. This character signifies a fighting spirit in all odds of life.
  • Besides this, the pipe-like construction of the plant also symbolizes the wisdom of allowing the power of your mind and spirit to flow out into the world.

Bamboo stem

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Benefits Of Bamboo Plant Vastu

There are various indoor bamboo plant benefits that you should be aware of. The following are some of the advantages of bamboo trees: 

  1. The bamboo plant helps in keeping the immediate environment clean and pristine.
  2. It acts as a natural cleaner for the air you breathe. 
  3. This plant brings good fortune and fortune to the house and heart. 
  4. The bamboo plant Vastu can be easily grown in either indirect or low light directions. 
  5. The plant’s stems add a lovely touch to the décor theme or style of the home. 
  6. Lucky bamboo plants add a sense of security and positive energy to the home.

How To Use Bamboo Plant ?

Bamboo Plant Vastu can offer several benefits for your and your family’s prosperity. You just need to keep it in the correct direction, give proper care, and in the right way. You should keep your bamboo plant in such a manner that it includes all five Vastu elements.

These five elements are wood, water, air, earth, and fire, and You should incorporate all these elements in a setup using the following elements.

Wood: The stem of the plant embodies the wooden element.

Fire: You should tie a red ribbon around the bamboo stalks to represent the fire component.

Air: You don’t need to do anything extra for air. The air around the plant represents the air element.

Water: Placing water in a container represents the water component.

Earth: Fill the pot with pebbles or rock to represent the earth component.

Bamboo Plant Vastu

Photo by Feyzanur Baburşah from Pexels

Stalks Of Bamboo Plant Vastu

  • 3-stalk bamboo plant Vastu is ideal for bringing happiness and ensuring lifespan. 
  • 5-stalk Bamboo is a symbol of good fortune. 
  • 6-stalk Bamboo plant is for good luck in life. 
  • 7-stalk Bamboo is a sign of good health. 
  • 8-stalk Bamboo plant Vastu symbolizes progress and success. 
  • 10-stalk Bamboo is the ultimate happiness plant. 
  • 21-stalk Bamboo is a versatile plant.

Shapes Of Bamboo Plant 

Lucky Bamboo Plant With Two Layers 

These bamboo plants thrive in bright, filtered sunshine. Moreover, Most two-layer lucky bamboo plants are cultivated in glass vases filled with pebbles and water, although you can also pot them in well-aerated soil. 

Lucky Bamboo Plant With Three Layers 

This variety of bamboo plant Vastu is a low-maintenance plant that may thrive in poor sunlight and unfavorable conditions. These are the most frequent types of indoor plants seen in Indian homes. 

Lucky Bamboo Plant With Seven Layers 

This plant is one of the simplest to grow and is commonly given as a gift. It offers good fortune, tranquility, and calmness to your home and office. For the seven-layer bamboo plant Vastu, it is best to use filtered water and change it once a week to keep the roots from dying.

Lucky Bamboo Plant With Seven Layers

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Placement Of Bamboo Plant Vastu

  • Always get healthy bamboo stems that are a deep shade of green. 
  • Purchase the plant in a clear container that allows you to view the roots. 
  • The impact of Bamboo is determined by the number of stalks purchased. So, to determine your luck, consider the following:
  • Keep the lucky bamboo plant in the east corner.
  • Keep the bamboo plant in the southeast zone if you wish to attract money and fortune. If you keep it in this location, you will be able to overcome financial difficulties and obtain success. 
  • Keep bamboo plants in the center of the dining table to attract abundance and promote positive energy at home. 
  • Moreover, you can keep Bamboo plants in bedrooms. Bedrooms are ideal places to put a bamboo plant for a house because it takes little care and sunshine and brings positivity.
  • The lucky bamboo plant Vastu represents growth, new beginnings, and family peace. Place it by the front door to attract all of these positive energies.

Care Of Bamboo Plant 

Clean the container. To prevent algae growth, clean the container every few months and refill it weekly. 

Be cautious about lighting. Lucky Bamboo thrives in light shade and indirect sunlight. Bright light will make your Bamboo grow larger. This fact doesn’t imply you should put your plant in direct sunlight, but it can help it live longer. 

Use clean water. If you’re growing Bamboo in water, use filtered or distilled water to keep the roots healthy. Drinking tap water may cause damage to its stalks. Rehydrate your plant with clean water. 

Choosing the container. Although a lucky bamboo plant normally comes in its own pot, often topped with pebbles or beads. If your Bamboo outgrows its original container, you may need to repot it. Gently dig out the bamboo plant and cleanse the pebbles before repotting.

After replanting the Bamboo, carefully rebury its roots under the pebbles. Ensure adequate root coverage without wetting bamboo stalks. 

Have good drainage. Also, if you’re planting lucky Bamboo in soil, make sure it’s well- Too much water can stunt the growth of Lucky Bamboo. When the top inch of soil is dry, water the soil.

If you want to know more about care of lucky bamboo plant, Read our article on Easy Beginners Guide To Take Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plant.


Care Of Bamboo Plant Vastu

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Pruning And Trimming

Pruning involves eliminating dead branches and shaping the plant. Trimming removes overgrowth and promotes new growth as the plant ages. Trim side branches one inch above the base of the lucky bamboo plant when it becomes loaded with leaves.

However, Cut the offshoots, not the main stem. Trim the lucky bamboo plant Vastu to keep it healthy and flourishing. Prune any long, thin, or oddly shaped shoots. This will foster new growth and improve its appearance. If you want to read more about pruning and trimming, read this article.


According to Vastu Shastra, the bamboo plant is crucial for bringing positively into the home and bright luck ans is one of the popular indoor plants. It is thought that having a bamboo plant in the house promotes success at work and advances in income and prosperity. Vastu believes You should plant lucky bamboo plants in the correct direction and location. However these rules don’t apply for other bamboo plant varieties like palm bamboo. Follow these tips in the article and invite luck and fortune in your life.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you keep a bamboo plant in your bedroom? 

  • You can keep the plant in your bedroom, but keep in mind the number of stalks you want. 

2. What causes a bamboo plant to turn yellow? 

  • There are several reasons why a bamboo plant can turn yellow. Too much fertilizer, too much chlorine or fluoride in the water, or too much sun are examples. If you want to read more on this, read this article.

3. How can I rejuvenate my bamboo plant? 

  • It is dependent on your plant care routine. If you have a yellow bamboo plant, stop fertilizing it, switch to filtered water, or relocate it to a less-light-filled location.
  • If pests or fungi have invaded your lucky Bamboo, remove the affected region and treat with a (natural) pesticide, soap, or rubbing alcohol, depending on the plant’s ailment. 

4. What is the lifespan of bamboo plants? 

  • Water-grown Bamboo can live for one to two years. Transfer your Bamboo to soil where it can live for several years for a longer lifespan. After that, It may drop leaves, but as long as you take good care of it, it will continue to replenish and grow new leaves. 

5. Is it unlucky to purchase your own bamboo plant? 

  • No, even if you buy it yourself, lucky Bamboo is considered a good luck charm.

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