How to Remove Fruit Flies ?

It goes without saying that you do not want any kind of insect in your home. And fruit flies are the worst kind of unwanted visitors so how to remove fruit flies is matter of concern.Especially in the summer, ripe tomatoes, tall glasses of lemonade, and yes, fruit flies. You don’t want those annoying bugs buzzing around you, especially when you’re making dinner or having friends over for a weekend get-together. 

how to remove fruit flies

You can try to scare them away, but if you want to get rid of them for good, you’ll need a smart, long-term plan. How to get rid of fruit flies is similar in many ways to how to get rid of ants, gnats, or other pests. (But if you think you can just catch them by putting out the best indoor mosquito traps, you’re wrong. Even those don’t stand a chance against these tiny flies. Luckily, there are easy and effective ways to get rid of fruit flies quickly indoors. You might not be able to do it in less than five minutes, but you can get rid of them overnight by making your own fruit fly traps. All it takes to stop these annoying bugs is a little bit of cleaning and a few common household items. Continue to read the  how to remove fruit flies.

Why Fruit Fly Attack is Severe?

Fruit flies have a very fast rate of reproduction: Orkin, a company that gets rid of pests, says that female fruit flies can lay hundreds of eggs in a very short amount of time. They usually do this on moist foods, like overripe fruit and vegetables. Then, between 24 and 30 hours later, the eggs hatch into maggot-like larvae that feed on the food source where they were laid. Within a week, those larvae become sexually active, and two days later, they start the cycle all over again, leaving you with way too many fruit flies. 

fruit flies mating

Why do Fruit Flies keep Coming into the House? 

Fruit flies like ripe, rotting, or decaying fruit and vegetables, as well as fermented foods like beer, liquor, and wine, say the experts . If there is enough food, they also like to fly around trash cans and garbage disposals. And because they are so good at reproducing, two tiny fruit flies will quickly turn into a huge number that can be hard to get rid of. So its important to know how to remove fruit flies.

Are they Fruit Flies? 

Before learning  how to remove fruit flies identify the insects.If little black bugs are flying around your kitchen, you should first make sure you know what they are. Most fruit flies are either light brown or dark brown, and their eyes are red. Make sure your pests aren’t drain flies, which hang out in drains or garbage disposals, or fungus gnats, which like houseplants that are too wet. 

how to remove fruit flies

General Tips Get Rid of Fruit Flies ?

Start by giving your kitchen a deep clean and getting rid of any old food. Take these steps to avoid a future fruit fly infestation and cut fruit flies off from their food source and keep them from coming into your home: 

  • Throw away food that has gone bad. 
  • Put fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. 
  • As soon as you get home, wash the food to get rid of any possible eggs or larvae. 
  • Take the trash out every day. 
  • Clean up spills right away, especially fruit juice or alcohol. 

Then, you’ll need to find a way to quickly catch the fruit flies that are already in your kitchen. Our experts have found that a fruit fly trap you make yourself is a quick and effective way to get rid of them. Also, you can make these fruit fly traps at home with things you probably already have in your pantry. If you don’t want to make traps yourself, you can also buy them already made. Below are, according to pest control experts, the best ways to kill fruit flies.

how to remove fruit flies

Tips on  How to Remove Fruit Flies ?

  • Use Apple Cider Vinegar

Fill a bowl or glass with apple cider vinegar, cover it with plastic wrap, seal the edges with a rubber band, and poke small holes in the top. Fruit flies will be drawn to the vinegar, and once they’re inside, they won’t be able to get out because of the plastic wrap. This is one of widely accepted remedy when it comes to  how to remove fruit flies.

  •  Mix Dish Soap and Apple Cider Vinegar

Pour vinegar into a bowl and add a drop of dish soap. Mix the two together well. Flies are attracted to the stale sweetness of the apple cider vinegar, and the dish soap lowers the surface tension of the liquid. This makes the flies fall in when they try to investigate the solution and can’t get out. 

how to remove fruit flies


  •  Give Beer or Wine a Try

Place an old bottle of beer or wine near where the fruit flies were seen. They’ll be drawn in by the smell of the old drink, but the narrow neck of the bottle will keep them from getting out. This one of the most effectcive tip on  how to remove fruit flies.

  • Chemical control

Use a chemical spray to kill fruit flies. If cleaning and other home remedies don’t get rid of fruit flies, buy one of the best products on the market.

Drain and Garbage-  How to Remove Fruit Flies ? 

  • Can I just kill fruit flies with bleach? 

If you see fruit flies in your drain, you might want a quick fix, like pouring bleach down the drain. But experts say that this isn’t the best way to solve the problem. Doing so might kill some larvae, but it won’t kill enough eggs or larvae to solve the problem. That’s because bleach moves too quickly down the drain to do a good job. 

how to remove fruit flies

  • Here’s how to keep your garbage disposal clean and free of fruit flies: 
  • Run cold water through the sink before you turn it on and for a few seconds. The flow of water will help the food move through the pipes after it comes out of the disposal. 
  • About once a week, turn off the disposal and faucet and put a bunch of ice cubes, a tablespoon of baking soda, a few thin slices of lemon, and a teaspoon of bleach down the drain.
  • Turn on the garbage disposal without the water running until you hear the grinding stop.
  • Then, while the motor sound is still going, run cold water through the machine for about a minute.

So you don’t have to worry about  how to remove fruit flies from drain.

Is a fruit fly infestation harmful to my health? 

  1. A fruit fly infestation can pose health risks if left untreated. Fruit flies have been observed flying around and picking up bacteria, which they then deposit on fresh foods. 
  2. They are particularly attracted to manure and other feces containing bacteria such as E. coli. They then transport the bacteria so its better to focus on preventive measures than on  how to remove fruit flies.
  3. Female fruit flies also inject batches of eggs into fresh fruit after mating. This pollutes the fruit. 

how to remove fruit flies

How can I prevent the fruit flies from returning? 

Keep food storage areas clean and dry to avoid future infestations. Don’t leave fresh food out after you’ve opened it or taken a bite out of it. Take out your garbage on a regular basis and clean up any spills inside or on your trash cans. 

When you have a fruit fly infestation, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to eradicate the pest. You can save time and effort by taking proactive steps in cleaning and trash disposal. 


Hopefully this post has answered all your related concerns for  how to remove fruit flies. Focus more on prevention and follow these tips.Fruit flies only live for about two weeks, and they die quickly when temperatures drop. You can enjoy the sweet satisfaction of seeing them fall as summer turns to fall. Fruit flies, in reality, are mostly annoying, but they do pose minor health risks. They can carry bacteria or germs as they land on food and surfaces in your home, potentially causing health problems. If you clean up a flies-infested area, you should thoroughly wash your hands and wash any fruits and vegetables that are still on your counters before eating them.

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