Easy Beginners Guide To Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is a part of the Asparagaceae family and Dracaena genus. Its stalks resemble those of a true bamboo plant but are not mere bamboo plant. It’s a symbol of luck and prosperity. We all want to welcome more prosperity and success that’s why we want lucky bamboo in our favourite corner of house and office. It has gain skyrocketed popularity in these few years. Care of lucky bamboo plant is not that hard.

Lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) in a glass pot

You can grow lucky bamboo plant both hydroponically or in soil. If you are growing in water then replace your water every week and if the soil should be kept slightly damp all time it requires the perfect balance of water. Don’t overwater or let it be dry.

It requires indirect sunlight and a temperature range of 65–95°F (18–35°C). It is one of the easy maintenance indoor plant .

If you are wondering how to take care of lucky bamboo plant and wanted to have it in your favourite corner in-home or office this article is a must-read for you.

Watering- Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plant

  • Don’t overwater or underwater your bamboo plant. Overwatering will cause root rot and less water will burn the leaves in brown and yellow colour. The best way to prevent this problem is to mist it every couple of days.
  • Make sure the roots are covered with water all the time about 1-3 inches of water. You must follow this tip for care of lucky bamboo plant. 
  • Avoid using direct tap water. Use distilled water else leave water overnight to let the chlorine evaporate. Bamboo plants are highly sensitive to chemicals. To get a better and healthy plant, change water at least once a week.

Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plant- Soil Requirement

  • Soil is essential for care of lucky bamboo plants. It’s better to grow your bamboo plant in water.
  • It can grow in most soil types. To grow healthier the soil should be aerated, light structured and rich in organic nutrients.
  •  It shouldn’t be desert dry and waterlogged. It should be moist all the time.

Care Of Lucky Bamboo Plant- Light

  • It requires bright and abundant sunlight. The light should be indirect to the plant.
  • Ideal temperature range 65–95°F (18–35°C) which isn’t a problem for most of you.

Fertilizer For Lucky Bamboo 

  • Usually, you don’t need fertilizer if you regularly maintain the basic requirements. Apply organic compost before planting bamboo in soil.
  • You can apply Organic fertilizer by top dressing at the planting time on the growing area for care of lucky bamboo plant. So, simply fertilize your plant with a good amount of required nitrogen.  

Trim Your Lucky Bamboo Plant

  • You can give whatever shape you want to your lucky plant. Give a try to some of your favourite shape which is near to your heart. Trim only if you feel it is required and to ensure perfect growth.
  • Don’t rush to trim baby plants it may cut the sap of the plant. Make sure while pruning you are handling it with care. Prune immediately when you see any defect in your plant.
  • Always use sterilized shear while trimming. If you want to know more about pruning and trimming of lucky bamboo plant, read this article.

Lucky Bamboo Plants Turning  Colours

  • Whenever you supply too much fertilizer, light than its requirement leaves turns into yellow colour. Yellow stalks are only because of the high dose of fertilizer.
  • You can prune that yellow area with sterilized shear and re-plant the green healthy part for proper care of lucky bamboo plant.
  • Sometimes yellow leaves can also occur because of lack of sunlight and low nutrition. you can change the location to a higher elevation for proper light.
  • Brown stalks are the symbol of root rot which is caused due to excessive watering to plants. Sometimes you may also observe sticky substances on the bamboo stalks which indicates spider mites.
  • If you observe whitish substances or light brown substance on leaves and stalks. Simply, rinse the leaves and stalks with soap water.

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Photo by Feyzanur Baburşah from Pexels


Some Quick Tips For What You Should Never Do With Your Lucky Bamboo Plant

  • Never use tap water it’s hard. Use distilled water for the vigorous growth of your lucky plant.
  • Never let your jar, container dry out- keep an eye every day once to your lucky plant and make sure roots are covered with water.
  • Do not let your leaves cover with dust. It will block the pores respiration clean it once weekly with brush or light watering on leaves.
  • However, Never make an arrangement of 4 stems. It will bring bad luck make sure to keep in odd number i.e. 3,7,9 etc.Read this if you want to know more about number of stalks in lucky bamboo plants.
  • Never place your lucky bamboo in too cold/ hot places. The proper place with good ventilation is necessary to grow a healthy plant.

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Lucky bamboo is an aesthetically pleasing plant. Every individual wants luck and prosperity now and then. Growing this versatile plant is easy, needs low maintenance. So why not get one lucky bamboo plant for your favourite corner and for your loved ones. Decorate your happiest corner with more vibrant, luck and peace.

Whenever in doubt for a gift go for lucky bamboo. It’s the perfect choice with the right number of stalks for you and your loved ones. On the top of that care of lucky bamboo plant is also easy. It’s maintenance is different than bamboo palm plantThe bamboo plant is a most viable option for all type of person who wants to decorate their favourite corner despite their busy schedule.

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