7 Tall Succulents for Unique Outdoor Decor

When you think of succulents, you probably envision adorable tiny, low-maintenance plants in cute pots that look great in your Instagram feed. Tall succulents are not something that many people consider. But what if we tell you that there are tall succulents that are gorgeous and low-maintenance?

On the other hand, Tall succulents are not the same as succulents that are stretching due to a lack of light. Tall succulents are succulent species that grow tall when they are healthy. On the other hand, stretching occurs when succulents do not get enough sunlight, and their stems begin to stretch out, giving them an elongated appearance.

Let’s look at the allure of tall succulents and some of our favourite succulents that grow tall in the right conditions.

Reasons to Grow Tall Succulents 

Usual Benefits

The majority of succulents are drought-resistant. Indoor succulents are also excellent for air purification and increasing the oxygen level in your home. 

Bold Decoration

Tall succulents provide all of these benefits and more! Tall succulents are ideal for filling out space and serving as a centrepiece in homes with high ceilings. They make a bold fashion statement and add a splash of colour to any room.


Tall succulents add curb appeal to your landscaping even if you live in a warm, dry climate where keeping other, more needy plants alive is complex. They are frequently used as shrubs that provide some privacy and deter some animals due to their spikes. 

7 Tall Succulents for Outdoor Decor

Numerous succulent plants can grow to be quite tall. Here are 15 tall succulents to transform your home. Though succulents don’t require much care, make sure you know how to care for your tall succulents, so they grow large and mature.

(1) African Milk Tree

The African milk tree, or Euphorbia trigona, is native to central and southern Africa and is known for its distinct appearance. It grows upright with spines like a cactus and is surrounded by soft, feather-like leaves. It is not a cactus because cactuses do generally not have leaves. 

 It can grow 1 to 2 feet in height per year, reaching about 8 feet tall altogether if left to its own devices. Inside, it won’t grow as tall, so don’t expect it to reach your ceiling! These tall succulents may have white or yellow blooms as an outdoor plant, but they rarely blossom indoors. 

tall succulents African milk tree

The African milk tree gets its name from its white milky sap. However, be cautious because the sap is poisonous and irritates your eyes and skin. Because of the toxic sap, you should wear protective gloves and goggles when propagating this plant from stem cuttings.

The African milk tree adores the sun and requires at least 5-6 hours of intense, indirect sunshine every day.

(2) Desert Rose

The desert rose tree has a significant presence. It features thin branches and sprouts and gorgeous pink and white leaves and will make a noticeable statement in your front yard.

Desert rose is a slow-growing succulent with beautiful white and pink flowers that make it a show-stopper. It can reach a height of 10 feet and a width of 2 to 5 feet. 

tall succulents desert rose

Despite its exquisite appearance, the desert rose is a low-maintenance plant. The plant thrives in tropical climates, enjoys direct sunlight, and requires sandy, well-draining soil. These tall succulents have a broad spine-covered base and produce colourful flowers in the summer. 

If kept outside, you will need to repot the desert rose every couple of years to keep it upright. The desert rose is an excellent choice if you want a tall plant that looks good and isn’t too hard to care for.

(3) Organ Pipe

The organ pipe cactus is a Spanish plant native to southern Arizona and Mexico that grows in growth zones 9 to 11. It has a fork-like shape and can grow up to 26 feet tall. It has a typical spread of three to five feet broad.

These tall succulents can extend 3 to 5 feet wide on average, with grey stems and brown spines. The organ pipe cactus produces white flowers with pink or purple petals. 

organ pipe tall succulent

It can also yield a crimson fruit, which bats frequently pollinate. The plant prefers well-aerated moist or dry soil and can go without water for several weeks. It also enjoys full sun but may tolerate partial shade for long periods. 

These tall succulents prefer damp or dry soil and may survive for long periods without water. While it needs sunlight to thrive, it can also survive in the shadow for long periods.

(4) Irish Rose

This succulent has wiry and narrow stems, and it can reach a height of up to three feet (90cm). The blooms are tiny clusters of white or pink stars that appear in clumps throughout the summer months, while the leaves are a dark green colour with light green stripes. 

During the winter months, it bears enormous red berries carried on long stalks that dangle downward from its branches.

Irish Rose tall succulent

Because these tall succulents thrive best when it receives a great deal of sunlight, the best place to cultivate them is outside, next to doors and windows, where they will receive adequate amounts of natural light for their photosynthetic process to be efficient. 

In addition to this, it thrives in well-drained soil, but it cannot withstand frigid weather conditions; temperatures lower than 0 degrees Celsius can cause it to perish; therefore, you should not plant these succulents outside if your region has particularly harsh winters.

(5) Tree Aloe

These tall succulents are succulent behemoths native to South Africa and Mozambique that may grow to 60 feet (18 metres) in height and 20 feet (20 metres) in spread (6.0 meters).

The stem is broad, upright, smooth, greyish, and thick, like the trunk of a tree or possibly a plane. It then splits into tapering branches that terminate in massive rosettes. 

tree aloe tall succulents

The leaves are dark blue-green and pointy, with a curling tip. It’s also a quick grower, so you’ll have this beautiful effect in a matter of years. It will produce panicles of bright orange tubular blooms hugging up above the foliage when it grows. 

Tree aloe is not a common succulent, but if you want to grow a tree that looks huge, go for it. It will suit many designs, from desert to xeric, tropical to the Mediterranean, as long as you have enough area.

(6) Spineless Yucca 

The spineless yucca grows to the height of a small tree from a long stem that resembles an elephant’s foot, hence the name. This plant will split into smaller, upright branches that will terminate in big, ornate rosettes of blade-like leaves with a waxy, glossy surface and green to a blue hue.

And the size will remind you of the famed African giants: 30 feet tall (9.0 metres) and 25 inches from side to side (7.5 meters). 

spineless yucca tall succulents

Each leaf can grow to be 4 feet long (1.2 meters). They are spineless and smooth. Large clusters of creamy white bell-shaped flower heads will bear the blossoms. These tall succulents are attractive and tasty; they are incredibly nutritious, sweet, and high in potassium and calcium. So you may add something unique to your salads. 

It looks great as a specimen plant and even in clumps. It works nicely with various designs, from urban to Mediterranean and contemporary. These tall succulents are low-maintenance plants with several benefits. This is why it received the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit.

(7) Ocotillo

Ocotillo has long and thin stems in a vase form, giving it a distinct appearance. It can grow to be 20 feet tall (6.0 metres) and 25 feet wide (7.5 metres), yet it is not a cactus.

The stems of these tall succulents have a marble pattern of grey blues and greens on them and will arch in the direction of the wind. It has little leaves on the rib ridges but with a twist. 

ocotillo tall succulent

They come and go depending on how much water is available. As a result, you will have virtually barren plants at times and others that are lush with foliage. They also change colour! These tall succulents typically start green, but they can turn orange-red. Then, in the summer, long, tubular red flowers appear at the tips of the tall stems. 

Its tall stems and colourful display add a unique touch to gardens with a strong personality, in most casual styles ranging from xeric to urban. When you combine the ever-changing appearance of this slim beauty, you have a terrific element of curiosity and even a focal point.


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Most succulents flourish with little care. Succulents make a great front or back yard ornament in warm, arid climates. If you prefer plants that grow higher for privacy, these succulents can certainly grow large enough to offer your home the coverage you desire. If you want to add some vertical depth to your space and you like these squishy, exotic plants, we’ve identified a few tall succulents that will do the trick.


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