Team PluckGrain



I am Chandani Kushwaha, and I am the founder of PluckGrain. I am born and raised in the Terai region of Nepal.

I’ve done my master’s in Agri-Business Management from Banaras Hindu University (BHU), Varanasi, the knowledge hub in the spiritual capital of India. Here I nourished my passion for agriculture, more precisely the science of nurturing the land and greeneries, which inspired me to start this blog journey.

In addition to gardening, I absolutely adore houseplants and flowers. I enjoy traveling and discovering new places, meeting new people, and learning about their traditions and customs.

I am a dedicated, punctual person who can multitask. I am also a competent leader with a versatile nature. In my spare time, I like cooking and listening to soothing music.

I am a focused individual, and perseverance is what keeps me going toward my goals.  I believe accomplishments are not achieved by force but by efficient working. Efficiency is my strongest trait that keeps me moving forward in life.

I handle the overall management of the site and Social media. PluckGrain is a turning point in my life as it has given safe space to my ideas of helping every individual know the basics of gardening.





Hi! I am Deepa Poudel, co-founder of PluckGrain.I was born and brought up in the heart of the Himalayas in Nepal. 

I completed my Bachelors in Agriculture from SHUATS, Allahabad, and developed a love for not-so-traditional sustainable farming and gardening. Then after I pursued my interest and did my Masters’s in Agronomy in the city of ghats and temples from BHU Varanasi. The urge to share and promote my thoughts to the world made me start this blog, PluckGrain.

Being an introvert, initially, I loved reading different genres, which in turn flamed my interest in writing and having a new experience every day. For the sake of new experiences, I traveled to many parts of India, primarily for college events, fests, and trips, where I developed a passion for experimenting and evolving.

I am a writer at PluckGrain. You’re going to see a mix of research, experimentation, evolution, and even innovation on our blog for the world of plantation and gardening. Because the joy of greenery is for everyone, I’ll try my best to bring it to you nonchalantly with my articles.