7 Unique Succulents to Add Elegance to Your Home

Succulent plants have grown in popularity in recent years, not only because of their low-care requirements but also because of their diversity. Some succulents have morphological adaptations and colours that make them appear to be from another planet rather than your windowsill. Some of the unique succulents have a variety of leaf forms, fascinating patterns, and surprising textures. And they may do wonders for adding character and distinctiveness to your garden. Here are seven interesting succulent plants that brighten up your ambience.


List of 7 Unique Succulents

1.Topsi Debbi

Topsy Debbi is a succulent that grows in stemless rosettes with thick, spoon-shaped leaves that are dusty lilac in colour. The intensity of the colour might vary according to growing conditions, with cool weather often producing a more vibrant appearance. The plant typically blooms in the spring, but it may bloom again later in the year. On thin stalks, the little flowers rise above the rosettes. Topsy Debbi is a difficult plant to obtain in garden centres, yet it’s simple to care for even for inexperienced gardeners. These unique succulents grow slowly and should be planted in the spring.


unique succulents


Echeveria ‘Barbillion’ is a lovely slow-growing succulent with highly carunculated leaves that forms a rosette. On a bare stem, the rosette can grow up to 20 inches (50 cm) in diameter. This hybrid’s greatest beauty is its capacity to alter colour and shape with the seasons. These unique succulents look like Echeveria ‘Etna,’ but with a larger rosette.
Never allow water to sit in the rosette since it might induce rot or fungal illnesses that will destroy the plant. Moreover, as the plant grows, remove dead leaves from the bottom. Finally, like with other succulents, regular watering and lots of light are essential for the growth of these unique succulents.


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3. Baseball plant

These slow-growing, long-lived unique succulents have a bulbous shape, V-shaped patterns, and seam-like ridges that resemble stitching. Instead of branches or leaves, the plant is made up of a single broad stem body from which the blooms shoot. Young baseball plants are spherical, but as they mature, they grow more elongated and cylindrical. Baseball plants are also called sea urchin plants since they loosely resemble that organism. These unique succulents are considered an endangered species in their native habitat due to unsustainable harvesting, yet they are readily available in garden centres.


unique succulents

4. Tiger jaws

These unique succulents are hardy perennial succulents with low rosettes of fleshy, triangular leaves edged with spiky “teeth,” hence the common name. Despite their intimidating appearance, the spikes are soft and flexible to the touch. The plant may produce lovely yellow flowers with long, slender petals in the fall or winter. Tiger jaw succulents can be seen growing among rocks and clay soil in the region’s subtropical deserts. Its growing season begins in the spring and continues through the summer, and they produce bright yellow blooms in the fall—though they rarely flower when planted inside.


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5. Strawberry ice

Echeverias are a popular type of succulent. They feature a rosette structure with plump leaves that might vary in colour. While most succulents are naturally various shades of green, they can also come in other interesting colours. The Strawberry Ice cultivar is primarily green with a pink border to the leaves.These unique succulents can be grown both indoors and outdoors; just be careful not to overwater them. They prefer a lot of sunlight, which affects their colour, so make sure it gets plenty of it during the day.


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6. Mermaid tail

Mermaid succulent plants, also known as Crested Senecio’ vitalis’ and Euphorbia lactea ‘Cristata,’ are named after their look. This one-of-a-kind plant resembles a mermaid’s tail. When you examine a crested plant closely, you’ll notice that the stem is flattened along the growing tips. This is what causes the plant’s new foliage to be short and bloated. Stems appear united at the bottom and stretch out at the top, giving the crested plant its appearance. The crest of the mermaid tail succulent is formed by the twisted branches produced by this process. These unique succulents offer a tropical flair to your home or anywhere it is placed. Unless the temperature is too cold, this low-maintenance succulent can be grown indoors or outdoors. If you want to learn more about mermaid tail succulent checks out How to Grow Mermaid Tail ?


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7. Rose succulents

It’s simple to see why adorable rose succulents are popular in the plant world. These adorable little plants grow in the shape of a rose, and while they’re normally green, some can be found in a lovely dusty pink tint. Rose Succulents do not turn attractive colours when exposed to direct sunlight. They’re green all the way through. Yet, these unique succulents will require a lot of light to keep that small rosette that looks exactly like a rose. As a result, they require a lot of light, but not necessarily bright light.


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Succulents are great houseplants for gardeners of all skill sets. These drought-tolerant plants don’t require much water in general, so they’re forgiving if you forget to water them for a bit. Here are some of the most beautiful varieties that are unique succulents to add to your collection. The rule of thumb when it comes to watering succulents is never overwater them but still manage to provide sufficient water. If you are also confused when it comes to watering succulents you can check our article on Do’s and Don’ts of Watering succulents.


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