Do’s and Don’ts of watering succulents

Succulents are cute and charming, and they don’t mind if you forget to water them once in a while. But if you take good care of your succulents, they can live for many years and add beauty to your home and garden. Because they don’t need much water to grow, succulents are hardy little plants. The fleshy leaves of these plants store extra water, so they don’t need much help from you and a watering can. But how often do you need to water this tough plant? Every week? Twice a week? Every month? Continue to read the blog to get all answers regarding watering succulents.

watering succulents

 The most important thing to remember about watering succulents is that you should only water them when the soil in their pot is completely dry. Let the soil dry out completely between waterings, we say again and again. Don’t water the soil if it isn’t dry and crumbly. See, the soil of most houseplants should always be damp. Not your succulent. If you always water its soil, its roots will rot. Roots that have gone bad = dead plantContinue to read to find out how to water these plants indoors, outdoors, and in pots, and when to do it.Everything you have queries about watering succulents you will find below.

Factors that Affect Watering Succulents

The ultimate low-maintenance plant, succulents are generally the first to die under the care of even experienced gardeners. So why does this happen ? Well it’s because watering succulents is little tricky. watering succulents depends upon following factors:

(a) Season

Most succulents grow like crazy in the spring and summer, so you’ll need to water them a lot more often during this time. As they grow new stems, leaves, roots, and flowers, they pull a lot of water out of the soil. Depending on things like light and temperature, you can water them three times a week.

Succulents go to sleep in the winter so you should decrease the frequency of watering succulents during winter. When they stop growing, you only have to water them once or twice for the whole season.

Giving a succulent too much water in the winter is one of the easiest ways to kill it, so don’t water it from November to March. Let your succulent rest in a dry, quiet place.

(b) Container size

Larger containers have more soil that can keep more moisture for a longer period of time, they require less frequent watering. the soil in shallow pots dries up more quickly, watering succulents will be necessary in those containers more regularly.

watering succulents

(c) Amount of Light

If a succulent gets 10 hours or more of full sun, it will need more water than a succulent that doesn’t get as much sun.

Most of the time, plants that live outside will need more water than plants that live inside because they get more sun and are subjected to harsher conditions. Sunlight is a crucial factors for watering succulents.

(d) Humidity

Plants that live in areas with high humidity and cool temperatures will need to be watered less often than plants that live in hot, dry areas.

So decide watering succulents as  per humidity levels. This is because plants that stay moist for longer will need less watering. 

Do’s of watering Succulents

(1) Apply “Soak and dry” Method of watering

  • The “soak and dry” method is the best way to water succulents. Soak the soil all the way through, and then let it dry out all the way before you water it again. Make sure the succulents are in well-draining soil in a pot with a drainage hole (more on that in a minute).
  • While watering succulents indoors, water shouldn’t get on top of the leaves. If it sits on a leaf for too long, it can cause it to rot. Use a watering can with a small spout (this one is great) or a squeeze bottle (like the one in this super handy tool kit). 
  • This isn’t as much of a problem for succulents that live outside, where there is more airflow and the water dries out faster. If you can, just pour water on the soil around your succulents until it is completely wet.
  • You should avoid watering succulents again until the soil is completely dry, from the top to the bottom of the pot. Succulents don’t like to sit in soil that is too wet for more than two or three days.

watering succulents

(2) Take Care of Frequency

  • You should only water succulents when the soil is completely dry. There is no one way to water succulents that works for all of them in all climates.You schedule for watering succulents should be inclusive considering multiple factors.
  • Many people who grow succulents indoors find that watering them every 14–21 days is a good way to keep them alive. Use this as a starting point and make changes as needed. 
  • Don’t forget to get the free cheat sheet so you can see what your succulents look like when they need more or less water. The best time to water your succulents is as soon as the leaves show signs of being too dry. 

Don’ts of Watering succulents

 (1) Mist its leaves

  • Some plants like a good misting, but succulents are not one of them. The best way to keep a houseplant happy is to make it feel like it is in its natural environment. And since succulents come from dry places with little humidity, their leaves aren’t used to being wet.
  • The water can get stuck and cause mold problems.They aren’t used to being sprayed, so there’s not much point in doing it while watering succulents.
  • Put it in a pot that doesn’t have a drainage hole. Drainage holes let the water that your plant doesn’t use escape. And because succulents can’t handle too much water, so consider this while watering succulents.

(2)Use ice cubes

  • Because ice cubes slowly release a small amount of water, some people use them to water their houseplants in a more gentle and controlled way.
  • But again, if the goal is to make the succulents feel like they are back in their desert home, giving them something that is freezing cold doesn’t make much sense and could shock them. 
  • Give it less water, but more of it. A good soak less often is better for your succulents than a little bit of water every few days.watering succulents should not be regular no matter what.

Special Tips for watering succulents 

(a) Indoors

When a succulent starts to grow quickly in the spring, it needs more water. In the summer and especially in the winter, people may use less water. In the winter, when there is less light and most succulents are dormant, their need for water also goes down.

When the soil is dry in the winter, you should water your succulents. This could happen as rarely as once a month while watering succulents, but it will depend on the climate of your home.

(b) Outdoors

The summer is a good time to put succulents in pots outside. Even though they love the sun, put them in a partially shaded area first so they can get used to being outside before moving them to a sunnier spot. From late morning to midafternoon, keep them out of direct sunlight.

Most plants that live outside need more water than plants that live inside. Again, the amount of water succulents need will depend on their environment soe watering succulents schedule should be according to that. Check the potting soil once a week to see if it’s bone dry or still has some moisture.

If you grow succulents or cacti in shallow pots, you may need to water them every few days.

(c) Ground

watering succulents on ground mainly depends upon the type of succulent also.Sedums, which are a type of succulent, can also grow well in the ground. Depending on the weather in your area, they may need to be watered once a week. Established plants will have a stronger root system and can handle dry conditions much better than new plants. 

Whether you grow annual or perennial succulents, the soil needs to drain well. If your soil stays too wet, you can plant succulents in a raised bed or mound up the soil where you want to plant them.

Mounds of well-aged compost mixed with perlite that are one to two feet high will help plants grow well even if the conditions are different than what they are used to. Succulents are happy when they have good soil, get enough water, and have good drainage so follow watering succulents routine as per this.

watering succulents

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Succulents store extra water in their leaves, stems, or roots, so they can go longer without being watered (sometimes a month or more). Many people don’t realize that when you bring them into your home or garden, frequently watering succulents is still important, even though they are popular for growing in dry places. You shouldn’t let your succulents go without water for weeks or months at a time if you want them to stay healthy. No matter where you plant succulents, above are a few tips you can follow about how watering succulents that will keep them from getting too dry and also keep you from giving them too much water.

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